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20th ANNIVERSARY OF FATA MORGANA GREENHOUSE I Exhibition about the story of the tropical jungle

17. 5. - 31. 8. 2024

This year marks a special milestone for our tropical greenhouse as it celebrates two decades since it first opened to visitors. Throughout these years, it has become home to many fascinating and endangered plant species, creating a truly unique jungle in the city. It is a lively place to explore with numerous exhibitions and inhabitants like chameleons, frogs, fish, and tropical butterflies. Step into the "botanical boots" and enjoy a stroll through the greenhouse and the new exhibition. Get ready for an adventure through the tropical history of the Troja jungle, which is always buzzing with life.


The story of the Fata Morgana Greenhouse began in 1993 when Jiří Haager won the directorship competition, boldly proclaiming that a botanical garden without a tropical greenhouse lacks authenticity. His words were more than just rhetoric and a mere ten years later, the current Fata Morgana Greenhouse was inaugurated.

Since then, visitors have marveled at how quickly tropical plants can conquer their space, thriving and blooming.

Through videos and photographs, we will tell you the story of erecting a greenhouse amidst rocky slopes, creating within it the largest freshwater reservoir in Czechia, and adorning the greenhouse with an astonishing array of nearly 5,000 plant species.

Expeditions to far-flung corners of the globe are an indispensable aspect of professional botanical endeavors. As such, the exhibition will also showcase captivating photographs and records from these intrepid journeys spanning the planet.

When and where

The exhibition occurs from 17 May to 31 August in the Exhibition Hall (Ornamental Garden).

Opening hours are daily from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.


Admission to the exhibition is included in the standard entrance fee to the botanical garden. This fee covers entry to the garden premises and all exhibits, including the butterfly exhibition, as well as any other exhibitions and events taking place at the botanical garden at that time (unless they have a special fee).




(Czech language only)


180 CZK

150 CZK

Children aged 3-15, students up to 26 years with a valid ID or ISIC

120 CZK

100 CZK

Family ticket (2 adults + 3 children aged 3-15)

540 CZK

450 CZK

Age 60+, disabled people with ZTP certification, visitors with special needs

95 CZK

75 CZK

Age 70+



Dog (must be on a leash)*

100 CZK


Children aged 0-2, stroller, disabled people with ZTP/P certification**



15% discount on admission when purchasing an e-ticket (Czech language only).

Annual passes, neighborhood passes and VIP tickets are valid for the event.

* Dog entry is permitted only in Outdoor expositions.

** ZTP/P visitors have the option of free accompaniment.


The garden is accessible in various ways, but the most convenient is to use public transportation.

For a complete overview of how to reach us, including parking information, please click here.


The tropical Fata Morgana Greenhouse boasts a modern design with an intriguing, serpentine layout. Its defining feature lies in its subterranean integration, ingeniously employed for plant cultivation. Spanning an impressive 1,800 m2 (approximately 19,375 square feet), the exposition space is divided into three sections, each offering distinct temperatures and humidity levels.

The first section presents the flora of arid tropics and subtropics, with plants adapted to harsh sunlight and drought. Here, visitors can marvel at succulents, medicinal aloes, and the majestic baobab tree imported from Madagascar.

Venturing into the second section, visitors traverse an underground tunnel, leading to a passage beneath a tropical lake—the largest freshwater reservoir in Czechia. A glass tunnel divides the lake into two parts, providing glimpses into the diverse flora and fauna of both the Old and New Worlds.

A perpetually warm and humid climate characterizes the lush lowland rainforest. Within this section, visitors encounter rare and useful trees, palms, vines, and orchids.

Concluding the journey, the cooled section transports visitors to the lofty realms of high tropical mountains. Of particular intrigue is the exposition featuring Venezuelan table-top mountains, where carnivorous plants of the Heliamphora genus flourish year-round.

We look forward to your visit!

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