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The Prague Botanical Garden offers a wide range of opportunities for mutual cooperation and promotion.


Presentation at our exhibitions


An exhibition full of colours and fragrant smells in the Fata Morgana Greenhouse suitable for both the general public and experts.
Average attendance: 15 thousand people


A very popular exhibition of tropical butterflies in the Fata Morgana Greenhouse.
Average attendance: 60 thousand people
The most attractive option for our partners.


Unique outdoor bonsai exhibition with expert consultations and accompanying program at the weekends.
Average attendance: 13 thousand people

Grape harvesting

Every year, our popular grape harvesting event attracts the lovers of high-quality wines and half-fermented wines. Part of the event is also live music.
Average attendance:10 thousand people

Pumpkin exhibition, fun with pumpkins, and Halloween

An event with accompanying program designed especially for families with children.
Average attendance: 25 thousand people


New tailor-made events

Organize a thematically related event for the public.

Partner presentation on site

  • Roll-up in our greenhouse, banner in outdoor exposition
  • A stand with promotional activities and merchandise
  • Participation of partner's representatives at a vernissage
  • Poster at the ticket office

Offline activities

  • City light vitrines with partner's logo within the JCDecaux and EuroAWK networks
  • Frames in subways and A3 posters in trams
  • Logo and thank-you note for supporting the event in our quarterly calendar
  • Logo and inclusion in press releases distributed as part of the event
  • Printed partner's logo on tickets

Online activities

  • Logo featured on www.botanicka.cz next to individual events and in the partner section
  • Partner mentioned in a social media post (Facebook, Instagram)



Ing. Martin Jodas



Become a partner of the unique Roots of Prominent Personalities project

The globally unique Roots of Prominent Personalities project (in Czech "Kořeny osobností") was launched in 2009. Our initial idea was to create a place that would introduce to the public rare natural wealth in an interesting and dignified way. As part of the project, the Trail of Prominent Personalities (in Czech “Stezka osobností”) is gradually being planted. It introduces about 150 plants and woody plants, which are facing complete extinction or have nearly disappeared from the wild. Each of the specimens is planted by a notable person from Czech or international culture, sports, science, or politics. The trail is a unique place that will remind future generations of the precious natural and social heritage of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Roots of Prominent Personalities project was created by the Prague Botanical Garden in cooperation with its co-author Darina Miklovičová.

Roots of Prominent Personalities

The following people planted trees in our botanical garden and symbolically put down their roots there:

Václav Havel

Pierre Richard

Soňa Červená

Ester Ledecká

And many others...


You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a long-term partner of this important project. For more information, please contact us by email: koreny@botanicka.cz.


We would like to invite you for a personal meeting, so you can explore the options we offer.

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