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MUSICAL WALKS | Sunday evenings in the company of classical music

10. 9. 2023

Relax your mind and experience Sunday evening in the company of classical music in the beautiful middle of our garden. Once again after a year, you can enjoy beautiful moments and listen to classical music in the open air, surrounded by greenery and colorful flowers and immerse yourself in the sounds of well-known classics performed by chamber music ensembles.

Each performance starts at 5:00 p.m.
This year's cycle will take place in the Ornamental Garden. We recommend entry through the Fara Morgana or Kovárna box office (MAP).


  1. 7. 2023 –  Duo per due (J. Haydn, D. Milhaud)

  1. 7. 2023 –  Five star kvartet (L.van Beethoven, W. A. Mozart)

  1. 7. 2023 – Jan Vent Colegium  (J. Rejcha, F. Kramář)

  1. 7. 2023 – Musica spirituale (Věnec duchovních písní)

  1. 7. 2023 – Pražské dechové kvinteto (G. Bizet, A. Rejcha)

  1. 8. 2023 –  Hudba Kalich (G. Verdi, B. Smetana)

  1. 8. 2023 – Musica vocale (J. Mysliveček, Ch. Gounod)

  1. 8. 2023 – Grand Duetto Concertante (A. Vivaldi, W. Corbett)

  1. 8. 2023 – Pražské saxofonové kvarteto (G. Miller, J. Ježek)

  1. 9. 2023 –  Musica a tre (E. Schulhoff, J. Ibert)

  1. 9. 2023 – Voce di Cielo (W. A. Mozart)


Tickets to the exhibition correspond with the standard admission price to our garden:




180 CZK

Children aged 3-15; students aged 16-26 with a valid student card or ISIC card

120 CZK

Family ticket (2 adults and 3 children aged 3-15)

540 CZK

Age 60+, people with special needs (with ZTP certification or equivalent)


95 CZK

Age 70+


Children age 0-2, stroller, people with special needs (with ZTP/P certification or equivalent)


photo backpack* (for entrance to the Fata Morgana Greenhouse)

100 CZK

*Bag and photo backpack can be left in the cloakroom free of charge.

 Dogs are NOT allowed at the Fata Morgana Greenhouse.



  1. 112 from Nádraží Holešovice (metro line C station) to either Kovárna or Zoo Praha - Troja bus stops.
  2. 112 from Podhoří (ferry) bus stop to Zoo Praha - Troja bus stop.
  3. 234 from Nádraží Holešovice (metro line C station) to either Zoo Praha - Troja or Botanická Zahrada Troja bus stops.

By car:

You can park your car in the parking lot of our garden located at the main entrance from Bohnice, i.e., in the northern part of the garden. Access from K Pazderkám street.

Parking at the Fata Morgana Greenhouse is only possible for people with special needs (with valid certification), see the information above. Our garden does not have any private parking for visitors in this part, so it is necessary to use our parking lot in the northern part of the area near the main entrance from Bohnice, access from K Pazderkám Street. Or you can also use the paid parking lot of the Zoological Garden.


We look forward to you!

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