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ORCHIDS | Treasures of the Vietnamese jungle

3. - 19. 3. 2023

The annual orchid exhibition at the Prague Botanical Garden brings joy from the colourful beauty of the flowers and many interesting facts from the orchid world. This time it will take you to Vietnam - a plant treasure trove of the world.

The atmosphere in the Fata Morgana Greenhouse will be charged with the Vietnamese New Year (Tết Nguyên Đán).  The festive colours in Vietnam are yellow and red - the colours of happiness.

Discover the treasures of this unique country with us.

More than 30 % of all orchids grow only in Vietnam and nowhere else in the world.
So far, over 1,200 species of orchids in more than 170 genera have been found there. And every year new ones are described.

Vietnam is extremely interesting not only for its nature but also for its culture. The country has been developing rapidly over the last twenty years, but it has kept its customs, traditions and beliefs. For the Vietnamese, flowers are an important part of life. They love to grow them and decorate their surroundings with them on weekdays and holidays.

Discover the treasures of Vietnam with us.

Được chào đón! Welcome!


When and where:

Výstava se koná ve skleník Fata Morgana v období od 3. do 19. 3. 2023.

The exhibition takes place at the Fata Morgana Greenhouse from March 3 to 19, 2023.

Opening hours of the greenhouse: Tue - Sun, holidays 9 am - 7 pm, Mondays CLOSED

Monday CLOSE
Tue-Sun, holidays 9 am - 7 pm


Tickets to the exhibition correspond with the standard admission price to our garden:




180 CZK

Children aged 3-15; students aged 16-26 with a valid student card or ISIC card

120 CZK

Family ticket (2 adults and 3 children aged 3-15)

540 CZK

Age 60+, people with special needs (with ZTP certification or equivalent)

95 CZK

Age 70+


Children age 0-2, stroller, people with special needs (with ZTP/P certification or equivalent)


photo backpack* (for entrance to the Fata Morgana Greenhouse)

100 CZK

*Bag and photo backpack can be left in the cloakroom free of charge.

 Dogs are NOT allowed to the Fata Morgana Greenhouse.

Tickets are available at the entrance with ticket office under the Fata Morgana Greenhouse.

How to get to us:


no. 112 from Nádraží Holešovice (metro line C station) to either Kovárna or Zoo Praha - Troja bus stops.

no. 112 from Podhoří (ferry) bus stop to Zoo Praha - Troja bus stop.

no. 234 from Nádraží Holešovice (metro line C station) to either Zoo Praha - Troja or Botanická zahrada Troja bus stops.

By car:
You can park your car in the parking lot of our garden located at the main entrance from Bohnice, i.e., in the northern part of the garden. Access from K Pazderkám street.

Parking at the Fata Morgana Greenhouse is only possible for people with special needs (with valid certification), see the information above. Our garden does not have any private parking for visitors in this part, so it is necessary to use our parking lot in the northern part of the area near the main entrance from Bohnice, access from K Pazderkám Street (100 CZK/day). Or you can also use the paid parking lot of the Zoological Garden (200 CZK/day).



For visitors who succumb to the magic of orchids, we have prepared the popular sale of orchids and other plants. Our long-term colleague Radek Kacerovský from Pokojovky.cz imported them directly from the Netherlands and you can find them in the growing facilities under the Fata Morgana Greenhouse (marked by navigation). There will be a wide range of cultivars and botanical species, some suitable for beginners, others for more advanced growers. Experienced salespersons will advise and help to choose the right plant. The sale is part of the exhibition - entry to the sales area is only possible with a valid ticket.

ct_orchideje_2021_D6A9789 kac3 ct_orchideje_2021_D6A9846


The floral arrangements for the exhibition are designed and realized by one of the best Czech florists Klára Franc Vavříková. This is the fifth time in a row that she has participated in the orchid show in our garden. She was inspired by the whole of Vietnam and its wide range of colours. During the walk through our greenhouse, you will meet many typical symbols of this unique country. All arrangements are original using varied materials and multicoloured flowers of live orchids and other plants. Hopefully, even a flying dragon will join us!

The arrangements will be created with the help of students of the Czech Horticultural Academy Mělník.


Orchids belong to the orchid family and are one of the two most numerous families of vascular plants. The exact number of orchid species worldwide is unknown. It is estimated that about one in ten species of higher plants on earth is an orchid. However, new ones are described every year.

Our garden grows approximately 2,500 species of orchids in its greenhouses. We specialize exclusively in valuable native botanical species. The collection includes well-known genera, such as Cattleya, Cymbidium, Dendrobium and Oncidium, as well as genera that are known only to specialists. A large part of the collection consists of miniature orchids from the Pleurothallidinae section, which is used for scientific purposes.



The exhibition was also created thanks to the support of our company partner Forestina and media partner Radio Blaník. Thank you.




Được chào đón! Welcome!

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