Programs for Kindergartens

Around the world on 225 metres

This program introduces the Earth and individual continents using a model. Children assign typical inhabitants to each continent: people, plants, and animals. At the same time, they can see well-known plants in the greenhouse and learn how people use them.

Where: Fata Morgana Greenhouse

The program is suitable for older children (preschool) who have at least some basic knowledge about the Earth. For younger children, the following programs are more suitable:

We Live in the Tropics

In this program, children learn about common tropical useful plants that they may encounter in their daily lives. In addition to the plants in the greenhouse, they can touch and smell natural items that are part of the tour. They learn about the tree that holds the heavens and how to use carnivorous plants in the kitchen. They also learn about the relationships between plants and animals.

Where: Fata Morgana Greenhouse

Trees Large and Small

In this program, children learn why trees are important for both humans and animals. They find out how trees can look and what they need to live. A part of the program also focuses on the protection of forests. At the end of the program, children create a tree bark imprint.

Where: South Grounds, outdoor expositions

Colours in Nature

During games and activities that are part of the program, children learn why plants are so colourful and how colours change in nature throughout the year. We also talk about the colours of animals and how humans use colours produced by plants.

Where: South Grounds, outdoor expositions

Herbs from Grandma’s Garden

We introduce basic medicinal plants and herbs that we normally consume in our diet. We also explain the difference between poisonous and medicinal plants.

Where: South Grounds, outdoor expositions

The Cream of the Crop

This program introduces the most interesting items in the South Grounds. Engaging activities help children learn about the largest or oldest trees. They can see a dinosaur footprint and become pandas for a while in our bamboo meadow. The guide will also show them plants that are most attractive in the given season.

Where: South Grounds, outdoor expositions

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