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Programs for Primary Schools

The guided tour is tailored to primary school children. It takes the form of an attractive presentation that introduces relationships and interesting bits from the plant kingdom. The tour is also available in English.

Key terms (Fata Morgana Greenhouse): continents, useful plants, plant ecology, adaptation
Key terms (outdoor expositions): useful plants, plant kingdom record breakers, plant systematics, geology

Where: Fata Morgana Greenhouse; South Grounds, outdoor expositions; North Grounds, outdoor expositions

Climate Zones (Suitable for 5th Grade)

This program introduces subtropical and tropical climate zones. Children will see plants typical for these areas, how they adapt to the environment, and their relationships with animals. Children can explore individual biomes in the greenhouse and see their locations on the map. They will also fill in a simple worksheet.

Key terms: climate zones, deserts, semi-deserts, savannas, tropical forest, adaptation, environmental protection, geography

Where: Fata Morgana Greenhouse

We Live in the Tropics

In this program, children learn about common tropical useful plants that they may encounter in their daily lives. In addition to the plants in the greenhouse, they can touch and smell natural items that are part of the tour. They learn about the tree that holds the heavens and how to use carnivorous plants in the kitchen. They also learn about the relationships between plants and animals.

Key terms: useful plants, relationship between plants and animals, tropical forest, environmental protection

Where: Fata Morgana Greenhouse

Around the World on 225 Metres (Suitable for 1st and 2nd Grades)

This program introduces the Earth and individual continents using a model. Children assign typical inhabitants to each continent: people, plants, and animals. At the same time, they can see well-known plants in the greenhouse and learn how people use them.

Key terms: continents, useful plants, relationship between plants and animals

Where: Fata Morgana Greenhouse

Butterflies (Suitable for 3rd to 5th Grades)

We recommend joining this program during or shortly after the Exhibition of Tropical Butterflies. Follow our event calendar!

In this program, children learn about butterfly development and can watch butterflies as they hatch. The guide will tell them many interesting facts about how butterflies live.

Key terms: butterfly development in real time, mimicry, diversity of nature, body structure

Where: Fata Morgana Greenhouse

The Cream of the Crop amongst Plants

For 1st and 2nd grades: This program introduces the most interesting items in the South Grounds. Engaging activities help children learn about the largest or oldest trees. They can see a dinosaur footprint and become pandas for a while in our bamboo meadow. The guide will also show them plants that are most attractive in the given season.

For 3rd to 5th grades: This program introduces many interesting plants - the largest sequoia, the oldest pine, or the very useful bamboo. Children can enjoy the view of Prague and our vineyard, the herb flowerbed, see a dinosaur footprint, and also a tree that dinosaurs could eat. They will also fill in a simple worksheet.

Key terms: plant kingdom record breakers, useful plants, dinosaurs, geography

Where: South Grounds, outdoor expositions

Herbs from Grandma’s Garden

We introduce basic medicinal plants and herbs that we normally consume in our diet. We also explain the difference between poisonous and medicinal plants.

Key terms: medicinal plants, useful plants, poisonous plants

Where: South Grounds, outdoor expositions

Vibrant Colours of Plants (Suitable for 2nd to 5th Grades)

There are many different colours in nature. Plants are mostly green but can use colours as a lure. In this program, art activities help children understand why plants use colours. The guide will point out interesting things about plants that are in bloom. Children will then draw them and introduce them to others.

Key terms: colour, flower, pollination, diversity of nature, colour perception, creativity

Where: South Grounds, outdoor expositions

Trees Large and Small (Suitable for 1st and 2nd Grades)

In this program, children learn why trees are important for both humans and animals. They find out how trees can look and what they need to live. A part of the program also focuses on the protection of forests. At the end of the program, children create a tree bark imprint.

Where: South Grounds, outdoor expositions

Colours of Nature (Suitable for 1st and 2nd Grades)

During games and activities that are part of the program, children learn why plants are so colourful and how colours change in nature throughout the year. We also talk about the colours of animals and how humans use colours produced by plants.

Where: South Grounds, outdoor expositions

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