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NEW PET TROPICANA | Art from Recycled Bottles in the Fata Morgana Greenhouse

19. 1. - 7. 4. 2024

The unique exhibition NEW PET TROPICANA is curated by sculptor Veronika Richterová, who has been engaged in creating sculptures from used PET bottles for nearly 20 years. She first presented her plastic artwork in the botanical garden in 2010.

The exhibition features artworks primarily influenced by tropical flora, crafted between 2010 and 2023. You will be captivated by the splendor of extraordinary plants that thrive nowhere else, alongside stunning orchids, strelitzias, or lotuses. The fantastic botanical wonders are accompanied by a diverse array of animals, including crocodiles, swans, butterflies, and discreet leaf insects that only a keen observer might unveil.


The new exhibition follows the PET TROPICANA showcase from 2010, during which the Fata Morgana Greenhouse displayed over 60 exhibits of plants and animals crafted from PET bottles.

Now, for nearly three months, the Fata Morgana Greenhouse will be "inhabited" by around 130 objects - plants, fungi, and animals that Veronika Richterová has created since 2010 using collected plastic bottles. Her inspiration stems from journeys to tropical landscapes, including Cambodia, Japan, as well as the Canary Islands and the Caribbean Guadeloupe. Visitors will discover these plastic creations throughout the entire Fata Morgana Greenhouse.

The artworks are arranged according to biotopes. The first part of the greenhouse, dedicated to xerophytic plants, will unveil various succulents, cacti or bamboos. The second part, representing the tropical rainforest, will be devoted to tropical plants. Moving to the final segment, which highlights the flora of mountainous regions, fungi and carnivorous plants will be the main features. The sculptures will also hover over the visitors, near a waterfall, or become part of a pond.

There will also be two works that recall the 2010 exhibition - the popular crocodile floating on the pond's surface and the flying foxes settling in a tree trunk hollow.


When and Where

The exhibition is on display at the Fata Morgana Greenhouse from 19 January to 7 April. 

The opening hours of the Fata Morgana Greenhouse are from TUESDAY to SUNDAY:

January-February: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
March-October: 9.00 am to 7.00 pm


The exhibition is included in the standard entrance fee to the botanical garden, covering both access to the botanical garden premises and all exhibits, including the New PET Tropicana exhibition and other events taking place at that time (unless they have a special fee, such as guided tours, workshops, etc.):




(Czech language only)


180 CZK

150 CZK

Children aged 3-15, students up to 26 years with a valid ID or ISIC

120 CZK

100 CZK

Family ticket (2 adults + 3 children aged 3-15)

540 CZK

450 CZK

Age 60+, disabled people with ZTP certification, visitors with special needs

95 CZK

75 CZK

Age 70+



Dog (must be on a leash)*

100 CZK


Children aged 0-2, stroller, disabled people with ZTP/P certification**



15% discount on admission when purchasing an e-ticket (Czech language only).

The price includes admission to the outdoor expositions of the botanical garden and The Fata Morgana Greenhouse.

Annual passes, neighborhood passes, and VIP tickets are valid for the event.

* Dog entry is permitted only in Outdoor expositions.

** ZTP/P visitors have the option of free accompaniment.


The garden is accessible in various ways, but the most convenient is to use public transportation. For a complete overview of how to reach us, including parking information, please click here.


Veronika Richterová is a visual artist, painter, and sculptor. She graduated from the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design (UMPRUM) and completed an internship in Paris. Since the 90s, she has been working as a freelance artist. Initially, she focused on painting and enameled sculptures, creating, among other things, sculptures for the Prague Zoo. Since 2004, she has been deeply engaged in PET Art.

She has held over 50 solo exhibitions both at home and abroad. In Prague, she was last presented at the Makráč Gallery at the turn of 2019-2020. Her latest creations, three large "crystal" chandeliers, can be seen at Café Savoy in Prague. Occasionally, she also works with other materials. For example, in 2022, she created a large mosaic titled "Endemics" on the theme of flowers for the city of Kladno. Some of the tropical plants for the exhibition NEW PET TROPICANA date back to 2019 when Veronika Richterová delved intensively into this theme for a recycling project at the Printemps department store in Paris. Her installation in the shop window depicted a jungle.

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