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RESPONSIBLE WORKSHOPS | Meaningful Workshops for People and Nature

6. - 27. 8. 2022

Life is better with plants!

For every Saturday in August, we have prepared inspiring and experiential workshops, meaningful for people and nature, which will be devoted to urban biodiversity and sustainability.

We will present you with various options for growing plants in the city, how to bring more greenery to your windows and balconies, or how to support your shared front gardens with your neighbors. We will show you how connections between urban and natural ecosystems work.

The event is for everyone who wants to bring more nature to their city and sees biowaste as a valuable resource. So bring your children, friends or parents and grandparents.

Schedule of workshops

6.8. and 20.8. GROWING FROM SEED

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Ornamental GardenMAP of the area

Together with the Partnerství Foundation (6.8.) and with the socially beneficial enterprise Kokoza (20.8.), you will have the opportunity to create the future. We will talk about the possibilities of community gardening, as well as how to care for your seeds.

Together we will see real examples of good practice that helps cities improve their environment by making it greener.

Try to recognize the aroma of herbs on our herb beds. After passing the test, you will be able to participate in the upcycling workshop and the creation of flower pots for germination. You will handcraft using old publications, books and newspapers.

You can also look forward to creating bracelets from old textiles – rope braids.

This workshop would not be complete without old t-shirts. Everyone has them in their wardrobe until you go to the rope braiding workshop. They probably wouldn’t find use elsewhere, and often end up in landfills or incinerators. In Responsible Workshop, your skilled hands will turn them into a fitting headband, bracelet, belt, or a toy for your pet. Only a limited number of t-shirts will be available, so we recommend that you bring your own one to the workshop.


from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ornamental GardenMAP of the area

Do you know what ordinary soil looks like in Prague? And what a compost looks like? Do you know what it is made of? In our Responsible Workshop, you will find out why bio-waste is a treasure and how you can use it at home for the good of your indoor flowers, and the nature in your area.

We are not done with the questions yet. Do you know which herbs benefit from compost? If you do not know, or you are unsure, come to us and together we will do soil and compost differential tests. Together with an expert from the socially beneficial enterprise Kokoza (13.8.), we will show you how to deal with biowaste and how to compost in a city.

And to top it off, we have prepared canning jars for you, on which you will be able to draw your own picture using an engraving pen and suddenly you will have your own beautiful flower base.

This workshop cannot do without old canning jars – everyone has them at home, but before you visit our workshop, they often end up in the recycling bin for glass. Learn with us how to use them functionally. In the Responsible Workshop, your skilled hands will turn them into an original vase, a soaking container for legumes, a pencil stand, a unique snack bottle, a stylish packaging-free shopping jar, or a pretty candlestick by engraving. Even though there will be a limited number of bottles to use at the workshop, we recommend that you bring your own canning jar with a lid.

At our last August workshop (27.8.), together with the non-profit organization Zerowasters, we will introduce you to the basic concept of a zero waste lifestyle, the so-called 5R pyramid – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle. Here you will get to know zero waste gadgets, you will experience minimalism and even natural packaging-free cosmetics. You will discover how to choose with regard to the prevention of waste when shopping. You will learn about the topic of zero waste using gamification.

Admission fees

Activities at Responsible Workshops are free. It is only necessary that you purchase a ticket to the botanical garden area according to the standard price list.




150 CZK

Children 3-15 years; pupils and students under the age of 26 with a valid identity card or ISIC

100 CZK

Family admission (2 adults + 3 children 3-15 years old)

450 CZK

Seniors over 60, ZTP

75 CZK

Seniors 70+


Children 0-2 years, Pram, ZTP/P

for free


The Responsible Workshop at our botanical garden was created in cooperation with the M-ocean company and is implemented with the support of Prague Thinks Forward. At the Responsible Workshop, they prepare thematic, educational, and enjoyable workshops about sustainability. No boredom and no unnecessary negative impact, lots of inspiration and enlightenment. The themes of sustainability (green cities, biodiversity), informal education, and upcycling live at the Responsible Workshop.

We look forward to seeing you!

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