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MULLED WINE WEEKEND | St. Claire's Wine Shop

11. - 12. 2. 2023

You don't always have to take wine seriously, and with mulled one, the experiments are even more tempting. You can let only the natural taste of the wine stand out with a little spice or conversely bet on more pronounced and atypical ingredients. Visit our St Claire`s Wine Shop and taste our recipes and share yours with us.

For this year, we bet on fruit, so you can look forward to combinations that are delicate, delicious, sweet, and spicy at the same time, and even beneficial when used regularly.

Our menu offers 4 combinations of white and red wine. From the classic with spices to a variation inspired by the Nordic countries (on purpose, if you can recognize which of the combinations it is and which drink we were slightly inspired by).

And that's not counting the non-alcoholic version of boiled apple cider, which will also be enriched with combinations of spices and fruits during the weekend!



You can come and taste our menu during the weekend of 11 and 12 February from 10.00 to 16.30.


The event will take place on the premises of the St Claire`s Wine Shop, which is now housed in the bistro house in the Ornamental Garden (map).

The fastest way is through the "Goat Trail" from bus stop No. 112 "Zoologická zahrada - Troja" (map).

How much:

Admission is free - it corresponds to the standard price list of the Prague Botanical Garden, which makes outdoor exhibitions accessible free of charge in the winter season.


We look forward to you!

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