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YEAR OF ASIA 2023 | Take a long journey with us

22. 1. - 31. 12. 2023

The Prague Botanical Garden invites you on a long journey. Let's visit Asia and discover its diverse flora.

And why Asia? Our botanists have journeyed to many countries in the Far East, as well as those nearer. They made expeditions into China, Vietnam, Turkey, Japan, Borneo, the Philippines, and Kyrgyzstan. Their last Asian journey was to South Korea.

We are preparing thematic exhibitions, lectures, and guided tours.



Memories of Asia can be found throughout the botanical garden. Plants native to Asia are marked with a special sticker. Just look around for the red lanterns and stickers during your walk through the garden and get to know these plants better.

The tropical flora of this continent can be seen in the Fata Morgana Greenhouse. In the Outdoor expositions, you can visit the Asian Forests, and the Emei Shan Greenhouse, relax in the Peony Meadow, walk through the bamboo grove, or calm your mind in the Zen Japanese Garden.

Singapore-Etlingera-elatior-Klara-Lorencova_1PLANT OF THE MONTH - ETLINGERA Etlingera elatior, Singapore

A ginger plant widely distributed throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific, it blooms for much of the year in the lowland part of The Fata Morgana Greenhouse.

It is a robust aromatic herb whose undeveloped inflorescences are used as a vegetable in Asian cuisine.

The plant has many uses in traditional medicine and is often planted in tropical parks and gardens for decoration.

Singapore, a small urban island nation in Southeast Asia, boasts a beautiful botanical garden, with which we are collaborating to develop a collection of ginger plants.


You can view a complete overview of all events in 2023 here. And what events can you look forward to in the coming days or weeks for English-speaking visitors?

Snimek-obrazovky-2023-01-19-v13.11.1120. 1.-26. 3. Photographic exhibition - How to feed birds?

To feed or not to feed? That's what it's all about. In our botanical garden, we are of the opinion that it is good and sometimes even necessary to feed the birds appropriately.

The photo exhibition of birds and bird feeders is full of useful information!

It is on display in the Ornamental Garden (in The Outdoor Expositions).



Let's journey through Asia together!

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