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8. 8. 2022

Wine lovers will be able to purchase the newest addition to our wine collection in the 2021 vintage. We have produced these sparkling wines in collaboration with Progin Velké Němčice using the traditional method of fermentation in the bottle. These wines matured in the bottle for 15 months.

The production of sparkling wine is very time-consuming. Wines cannot be rushed, so after the initial fermentation, our wines were subsequently transported to Moravia. The wines are filled into sparkling wine bottles with the addition of so-called liqueur de tirage, the bottles are then closed with a crown cork. Secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle. The resulting carbon dioxide has nowhere to escape, so it remains in the form of bubbles in the wine.
Our sparkling wine was left on the lees for 15 months to gain more complexity and elegance.

We have had a total of three types of quality sparkling wines produced using the method of fermentation in the bottle:

Pinot Noir, Blanc de Noir as Brut Nature, therefore without the addition of expedition liqueur. It contains 1 g/l of residual sugar, 6 g/l of acids and 12.5% of alcohol

Pinot Noir Rosé, Brut, with a content of 7 g/l of residual sugar, 6.5 g/l of acids and 12.5% of alcohol.

Blue Portugal Rosé, Sec, with a content of 25 g/l of residual sugar, 6 g/l of acids and 11% of alcohol.

Our sparkling wines will be on sale during our picnic weekend on 12 – 14 August 2022.
Selling price: CZK 590 (0.7 l)

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