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11. 9. 2022

The Vineyard of St Claire – temporary restriction of passage when entering from Kovárna bus stop on Trojská Street

The passage through the vineyard to the rest of the garden is currently temporarily restricted due to the start of construction work. For directions, use our map and follow the signs in the botanical garden. To pass through, it is currently necessary to use an alternative route leading around the vineyard. Information about the alternative route can be found at the entrance to the area of the botanical garden and in stands along paths.

Modernization and modification of the technical facilities of St Claire Vineyard and the vineyard house

Duration: February 2022 – 2023

The vineyard house on the St Claire Vineyard has lacked adequate facilities necessary not only for the operation of the wine shop and its staff, but also for the visitors. Temporary toilets have been in place for a long time.

St Claire Vineyard is a frequently visited place, the attractiveness of which has increased even more after the construction of a new entrance from Trojská Street – Kovárna. Countless cultural and private events take place at the vineyard itself, despite being limited by insufficient facilities and technical condition of the building. Considering the high utilization rate of the facility, the existing layout and size of the vineyard house are no longer satisfactory.

The proposal from architect Ladislav Lábus’s studio solves the location of the tasting rooms in the building behind the vineyard house. It will be connected to the house by passages. It will house toilets for visitors and employees, necessary operating facilities of the winery and a new, more holistic and larger consumption area. This will enable larger guided tastings and various events to take place, including social and private events, or even wedding banquets. The building will be partially hidden underground and its main viewing place will be situated in the area of the existing terrace. Its appearance will in no way disturb the character of the vineyard and its unique genius loci. It will increase the comfort of the visitors and our staff and will perfectly fulfil the potential of the place.

During the reconstruction, the current operation of the wine shop will be moved to the bistro in the Ornamental Garden (map).

The Botanical Garden is thus continuing to change and modernize its premises based on the territorial development project since 2017. However, the main goal of these projects is to modernize the premises and especially to increase the comfort of our visitors by offering you high quality facilities and new experiences.

Visualization of the new tasting area and tasting room:

09-zakres-pristup-severozapad---navrh 14-degusacni-mistnost-01

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Bridging the sunken lane between the outdoor exhibitions and the area of the Fata Morgana greenhouse

Duration: 14 February 2022 – end of 2022

The fenced area of the botanical garden is currently divided into two parts, the main exhibition area and the western area with the Fata Morgana greenhouse. Between the two lays a public sunken lane that connects the districts of Troja and Bohnice. This public footpath prevents the continuous movement of our visitors inside the area. Currently, the visitors have to leave the garden in order to re-enter via a detour at another location. The pedestrian connection of these two areas will be provided by a bridge over the existing public sunken lane. The construction of this bridge will significantly increase the comfort of visitors, who will no longer wander between two separate campuses.

  2_historicka-uvozova-cesta Premosteni-uvozove-cesty-1 Premosteni-uvozove-cesty-2

Entrance area to the Ornamental Garden (southern part of Nádvorní Street)

The original ticket office at this location is moving to the very end of Nádvorní Street (map), please follow the signs with the directions.

The toilets are around 250 m away from the current, temporary ticket office. You can find them opposite St Claire Vineyard in the house of the former bistro.
For barrier-free entrance, the cashier will open the gate for you upon request.

We apologize for the complications.

Authors: AND, spol. s.r.o.
Ing. Arch. V. Danda, Ing. Arch. R. Kupka

Duration: 30 June 2022 – Q1 2021

The design by the collective of authors places a compound of two new buildings in the southern part of the garden, serving as a multi-functional hall. The buildings surround a gathering space intended for outdoor social and cultural activities, which are connected to the operation of the surrounding parts of the Ornamental Garden.

The premise is an elongated, single-story building with a basement. The northern side, adjacent to a paved central area, serves our visitors. There is a shop at the entrance, which will sell tickets, souvenirs, wine, and surpluses from the garden’s collections. Refreshments will be available, as well. On the opposite, southern side of the building, there will be a staff entrance. The terrain layout will allow access to the basement of the building for gardeners and maintenance workers.

The second multi-purpose building is a one-story building with a basement. Its main part is the exhibition hall, which will be an ideal space for holding presentations and exhibitions thanks to its capacity and technical equipment with modern technologies. With its facilities, it will also be useful for occasional commercial events. It will be possible to divide the hall into two smaller separate spaces with a movable partition wall. In the summer season, three sides of the glass walls will be able to open to secure an entrance to the hall. The furniture storage room can also be occasionally served for quick preparation and serving of refreshments. Toilets will be located in the basement of the building. The outdoor terrace will ensure the expansion of the exhibition space into the quiet part of the garden by the lake.

Both objects are designed in such a way that they are not too prominent or distracting from the surrounding exhibitions. Their neutral geometric forms, moderate architectural detail, and natural surface materials are conceived more as a background for the dominant climbing plants. The lightness of the buildings is given by the large-scale glazing of some walls, which will visually connect the interior and exterior into one whole. A light pergola protects visitors from rain or summer sun. The structure, scale, and location correspond to the surrounding housing development, so it is assumed that the proposed complex will completely blend in with its surroundings. The lake proposed to the East of the multi-purpose building is a part of the quiet zone and will be equipped with artificial water circulation.

areal-jih-vizualizace-4 areal-jih-vizualizace-2 areal-jih-vizualizace

Endangered Species Exhibition Project

On a part of the Stráň (Hillside) area, we are preparing a demonstration of various biotopes of the Czech landscape with the occurrence of endangered plant species. In the solution, we make maximum use of the terrain and valuable existing places of our hillside.

Where there is high-quality vegetation on the Prague steppe, it will be left, or improved by targeted cultivation interventions. New exposures are planned in places where there are more nutrients and tall grass vegetation of low conservation value.

We will use both depressions, in which we will make use of foil tubs to plant wetland biotopes of salt marshes and fens, both of which are already extremely endangered in the Czech Republic. We will do our best to link them to the surrounding vegetation, because even in nature there are often salty places and bogs at the foot of the slope.

Another element will be the serpentinite rockery. Serpentinites are one of the least common biotopes in the Czech Republic and over ten critically endangered species of our flora are linked to them.

The Dolní Povltáví exhibition area will also be designed as a low rock rib, basically what is found one kilometer down the Vltava river.

Other elements will be limestone rocks inspired by the western border of Prague in the Radotín district.

The entire project is created in cooperation with the Department of Environment of the Prague City Hall and also with the Nature and Landscape Protection Agency of the Czech Republic.

Biotopes will become a place where we will maintain populations of critically endangered plant species in the long term as part of their rescue programs and, of course, we will present this issue to visitors.

Stran_nova-expozice-1 Stran_nova-expozice-2 Stran_nova-expozice-1

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