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NEW | The Fata Morgana No. 2 Perfum

14. 2. 2023


A tropical world full of scents and colors has always attracted adventurers. The hunts for spices and precious fragrances have written history... 

The fragrance...it makes me alive!  

The sense of smell is evolutionarily the most ancient one and crucial for our survival. Did you know that a small child can detect up to 10,000 different smells? Olfactory sensations are associated with emotions and they leave lasting memories. Do you remember any smells from your childhood? 

Fata Morgana perfume line  

Visual images alone never stick with us as much as smells and scents. We decided to capture scented memories to better describe the place, the landscape, and the lush tropical vegetation through perfume. 

Fata Morgana No. 1  
The first and nowadays sold-out perfume was created in 2017. It was created in the exposition of lowland tropical rainforest, where it aged in a special cauldron just in front of our visitors. After a year, a sample was taken and handed over to the laboratory, which produced an identical perfume following hygiene standards and regulations. The perfume was composed of carefully selected fragrances to evoke the mood of the tropical forest in our greenhouse. The base notes are formed by ylang-ylang and lemongrass essential oils, which we brought back from our expedition to Madagascar.

Fata Morgana No. 2  
The new, second perfume reminds us of Vietnam. It was created as a tribute to this beautiful Asian country with its incredibly rich flora. As a botanical garden, we have been able to explore it in detail through several expeditions since the late 1990s. The imported plants from the lowlands and mountains have become the basis of several collections and the Fata Morgana Greenhouse exposition. We created the perfume as a thank you to Vietnam for its plant treasures, for the many smiles and help, and as an expression of our admiration for the cultural and spiritual richness of this country. 

_D6A1773Perfume Fata Morgana No. 2 ON SALE NOW!  

Let yourself be carried away by the scent of the distant tropics and the Fata Morgana Greenhouse oasis.  

This is a limited offer of the second series of our original body perfumes. The first Fata Morgana perfume is completely sold out.  

The perfume has base notes of fragrant woods and spices, heart notes of lotus and oud, and head notes of citrus and white flowers.   

Price: 699 CZK 

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Scents through the botanical garden  

As a treasure trove of plant species, the Prague Botanical Garden not only offers a huge variety of shapes and colors, but also a variety of scents. We have long felt the need to share the secrets of aromatic plants in a more engaging way than just with written information. In 2016, in collaboration with fragrance expert Petra Hlavatá, the idea of creating a Scent Trail was born. The gradually emerging posts aim to bring the fascinating world of aromatic plants closer and convey their scents in a playful way.   

Scent trail 

You can test your nose in the outdoor expositions as well. Explore rose scents with the help of a scented sculpture in our Rosarium, even out of the rose flowering season. The St. Claire's Vineyard has a Scent Bank and barrels with the fragrant components of the wine bouquet. A small exposition of St. John's herbs has been created on the Stráň (Slope), and in the Forest, there are scented sprouts of magical ferns. Aromatic plants from our garden, together with vines from our vineyard, have become the basis of our vermouth Hortus mirabilis (sold out). 

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