Families with Children

Families with children are welcome in our garden.

  • You can access most places in the Prague Botanical Garden (including the Fata Morgana Greenhouse) with a pram. 
  • One of the exceptions is the meditation part of the Japanese Garden, where the paths are very narrow and built with characteristic protruding stones. We do not recommend taking a pram there.
  • The holloway along the outdoor exposition is unpaved and poorly accessible with a pram.
  • Please use the pram only on marked paths.

Baby changing table

The baby changing table can be found:
at the wheelchair accessible toilets in the North Grounds (the Farm building)
at the wheelchair accessible toilet in the Fata Morgana Greenhouse
at the restaurant Botanica
at the restaurant Botanická na talíři (currently a Wine shop)

Reheated meals:

Complementary foods for babies can be reheated in the fast food stall and the bistro in the outdoor exposition.

First aid kit

Basic first aid kits are available at the ticket offices at exposition entrances. 


We would like to ask parents not to allow their children to enter or damage our expositions.
Do not leave your children unattended in the botanical garden.

Please note that some of the plants displayed are poisonous!
In case of suspected poisoning caused by plant or mushroom consumption, call:
224 919 293 or 224 915 402 
(determination of plant and mushroom species, analysis, information). 

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