Scent Trail

Our original educational project that is gradually being developed in individual expositions.

  • Fata Morgana - Censer in the Green Cathedral - a place with tropical scents! In the heart of the greenhouse, we hung amongst the vegetation a unique copper cauldron, which contained 5 litres of a fragrant mixture that matured right in front of visitors. Some of the perfume is still stored there. The cauldron was created by artist Vojtěch Jirásko. The resulting perfume called Fata Morgana no. 1 was created in partnership with the leading Czech fragrance expert Petra Hlavatá. It can be purchased at the Fata Morgana Greenhouse ticket office for 499 CZK (5 ml). The perfume is a limited edition of 950 vials.
    Visitors can smell its nine selected ingredients at the educational panel inside the greenhouse. Nearby, there is also the cananga tree (Cananga odorata). From its flowers, the luxurious and sensual essential oil known as ylang-ylang is obtained, which is also the most important component of the Fata Morgana No. 1 perfume.
    The accompanying aquarelles were created by artist Adriana Skálová.
  • Rosary - homage to the queen of flowers and fragrances. See the metal sculpture stylized as a rose bush, and smell the glass flasks attached to the copper flowers.
  • Midsummer stop - on the hillside, you can find a brass sculpture of the sun disk with 9 small containers for 9 midsummer herbs. In the middle of the sun disk, there is a removable pot with a grate for lighting a fire (fire has ritual meaning in the Midsummer cult). Around the sculpture, we planted herbs used during Midsummer rituals.
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