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St. Claire's Vineyard NEWS | A port type wine Fortis Magna

7. 12. 2022

St. Clare's Wine Shop has a Christmas present for all wine lovers. This is not the first time that our local winemakers have prepared something other than the classic white, rosé, and red wines. In the past, they produced straw wines, brandy, or herbal vermouth. This year, in cooperation with Landcraft distillery - a port-type wine is produced for the first time. 

It is a fortified wine from the Neronet grape variety, which was produced using the classic port wine production method. First, ripe grapes which had reached an exceptional sugar content were harvested. Then must was pressed and fermented to about 5 % alcohol. Fermentation was stopped by the addition of spirits made from our grapes. When fermentation is stopped in this way, the resulting product retains a much fruitier character than when conventional wines are made. The wine was then bottled after two years of aging in a 225-liter French oak barrel. 

This wine of port type is deep red in color, very dense, and full of fruity notes (blackberries, blueberries). Thanks to its long aging in the barrel, it has acquired a delicate aroma.  

The wine is suitable for drinking on its own, but also as an aperitif or digestif. It goes well with fatty cheeses, pork tenderloin with plum sauce, aged steak, or New Year's Eve roast beef. 

The Fortis Magna wine will be on sale in a limited quantity of 200 bottles, only in the St. Claire's Wine Shop of our garden. The price is 790,- CZK. 


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