St. Claire's Wine Shop | Now in the Ornamental Garden

Until the end of 2021, the wine shop was housed in a historic vineyard house in the middle of the vineyard.

The Wine Shop new in the Ornamental Garden

At the beginning of 2022, another important project will be launched - the modernization of the vineyard house.

St Claire`s Vineyard House has long lacked the adequate facilities necessary for the operation of the wine bar and its staff, for visitors. 

The Botanical Garden continues to change and modernize the area based on the general territorial development valid since 2017. However, the main goal of these projects is to modernize the area and especially increase the comfort of our visitors by offering quality facilities and new experiences.

The current operation of the wine shop will be moved to the bistro building in the Ornamental Garden during the reconstruction.

You can read more about the reconstruction here.


The grapes are of very high quality mainly thanks to the excellent terroir and the hard work of our staff who take care of the vineyard. Wines from St. Claire's Vineyard can be bought exclusively in our Wine Shop.

The most important local varieties are Riesling and Pinot noir. Due to limited production, the offer of wines changes throughout the year.

The Wine Shop does not offer hot meals, only simple snacks that go well with wine. You can always order the whole bottle or 1 dcl glass.

The current Wine list and Menu

Wine Shop

The wine shop does not offer hot cuisine, just simple small snacks for wine. We also offer all wines in 1 dcl.

Wine Shop opening hours:


daily 10-15.30


daily 10-15.30 


daily 10-19.30


daily 10-15.30


Wine shop reservation tel.: +420 605 396 028
Wine shop Manager: Štěpánka Šebková, +420 777 219 943,

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