When the Botanical Garden acquired the Vineyard in 1995 and has continued the almost 800-year-long tradition. The first wine from the new era available to the visitors was the 2004 vintage.

Until 2008, we processed grapes at the Chloumek Winery in Mělník. However, since the 2009 harvest, we have been processing grapes directly in our newly built cellar with modern technology.

Thanks to the excellent terroir and the efforts of the workers who take care of the vineyard, the grapes are of very high quality. The wines we produce are the result of an effort to combine the traditional way of growing vines with modern reductive production technology. We produce mostly varietal wines, but every year, we also produce several cuvées. For red wines, we rely on at least two years of ageing in oak barrels.
The wine varieties we produce are Rhine Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Portugal Blue, Müller Thurgau and Gewürztraminer.

Our local white wines are typical for their varietal purity, brick acidity and freshness.


2021 Vintage

We harvested a total of 21,725 Kg of grapes.

The vine growing season started at the usual time in 2021, around mid-April, but growth was very slow due to low night temperatures. At the end of May, the vine still had a total growth of only 30 cm. All this changed in June, when we experienced a very warm period with plenty of rainfall. During this time, the vines managed to grow by 4 metres and only thanks to the extreme commitment of our workers could all agrotechnical deadlines be met.


White, dry – Gewürztraminer + Müller Thurgau
Residual sugar: 7.8 g/l
Total acids: 7.3 g/l

This year’s driest wine. Pleasantly fresh, dry wine with aromas of ripe grapefruit and rose petals. The fragrance smells like a garden full of roses, the taste is surprisingly juicy and springy. Angelus Kafka was the owner of our vineyard more than 100 years ago, but don’t worry, this wine is young and lively.


White, semi-dry
Residual sugar: 17.6 g/l
Total acids: 9.8 g/l

A popular wine for lovers of higher but pleasant acids. In the aroma, we find lime, green apple and pears. A young Riesling is evident in the taste, and the notes of the aroma pass into the taste.

A distinctive wine, where the sharp acid is balanced by higher residual sugar.

Müller Thurgau

White, semi-sweet
Residual sugar: 21.0 g/l
Total acids: 8.4 g/l

The first harvest from the new planting brought beautiful, wonderfully aromatic grapes.

The wine has an intense grape aroma, with a gradually appearing nutmeg aroma. In the aroma, there are notes of yellow fruit, mainly greengage. Ripe banana and mango surprise in the taste. So far, sugar dominates the taste.


White, semi-sweet
Residual sugar: 23.1 g/l
Total acids: 8.9 g/l

A thrilling wine with the aroma of jasmine, Himalayan balsam, typical roses but even hot wood and tropical fruits, lychee, yellow melon and candied fruit. The taste is pleasantly sweet and spicy with notes of candied citrus peel, rose and ripe tropical fruit, which is pleasantly complemented by cloves at the end.

Pinot Gris

White, semi-sweet
Residual sugar: 30.8 g/l
Total acids: 9.4 g/l

Full-bodied harmonious wine. The taste and the aroma are connecting – flower honey, pears, ripe peaches and apricots.
The higher residual sugar and acids, which help keep the wine bright and juicy, harmonize beautifully. In the taste, we find the same notes that can go as far as juicy, canned peaches.

Botanika (Botany)

White, semi-sweet - Sauvignon + Moravian Muscat + Rhine Riesling
Residual sugar: 33.7 g/l
Total acids: 9.4 g/l

Muscat has a distinct nutmeg aroma. Thanks to Sauvignon, the wine is extractive and you can find currants and gooseberries in the aroma. Riesling brings its typical juicy acid in the finish.

The Prague vineyard, dominated by Riesling and the flower garden next door – this is our symbolic wine.

Klára (Claire)

Rosé, semi-dry – Blue Portugal
Residual sugar: 14.3 g/l
Total acids: 9.2 g/l

A fresh wine with the smell of summer fruit. The strawberries and currants in it remind us of holidays. When pairing, try fresh goat or cream cheese – they will beautifully emphasize the fruity flavours of the wine and smooth out the acidity.

Pinot Noir

Rosé, semi-sweet
Residual sugar: 22.7 g/l
Total acids: 9.5 g/l

A rich, full-bodied wine, with the aroma and taste of ripe cherry. Strawberry punch may be a bold comparison, but the fullness and sweeter taste remind us of it. You will find rape and sour cherries in the aroma. The taste is freshly acidic with strawberries with a creamy topping at the end.

Pinot Noir 2017

Red, dry
Grapes harvested: 4/10/2017
Residual sugar: 0.2 g/l
Total acids: 5.8 g/l

The perfect elegance of this wine makes the soft notes typical of the fruity Pinot Noir stand out. The aroma of cherries and plums flows smoothly into the taste with a pleasant plum jam finish.


NEW – Sects of St Claire

Wine lovers will be able to purchase the newest addition to our wine collection in the 2021 vintage. We have produced these sparkling wines in collaboration with Progin Velké Němčice using the traditional method of fermentation in the bottle. These wines matured in the bottle for 15 months.

The production of sparkling wine is very time-consuming. Wines cannot be rushed, so after the initial fermentation, our wines were subsequently transported to Moravia. The wines are filled into sparkling wine bottles with the addition of so-called liqueur de tirage, the bottles are then closed with a crown cork. Secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle. The resulting carbon dioxide has nowhere to escape, so it remains in the form of bubbles in the wine.
Our sparkling wine was left on the lees for 15 months to gain more complexity and elegance.

We have had a total of three types of quality sparkling wines produced using the method of fermentation in the bottle:

Pinot Noir, Blanc de Noir as Brut Nature, therefore without the addition of expedition liqueur. It contains 1 g/l of residual sugar, 6 g/l of acids and 12.5% of alcohol

Pinot Noir Rosé, Brut, with a content of 7 g/l of residual sugar, 6.5 g/l of acids and 12.5% of alcohol.

Blue Portugal Rosé, Sec, with a content of 25 g/l of residual sugar, 6 g/l of acids and 11% of alcohol.

Our sparkling wines will be on sale during our picnic weekend on 12 – 14 August 2022.
Selling price: CZK 590 (0.7 l)

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