The Ornamental Garden

This part of the outdoor exhibition is one of the oldest in the Botanical Garden. It was opened in 1992 and has become the heart and soul of the garden.

The area is divided into several separate sections, with a grassy area at the core, dominated by two mature giant sequoia trees (Sequoiadendron giganteum). Giant sequoias are among the tallest trees in the world and in our garden. In addition to these, the exhibition is also decorated with other interesting tree species.

Directly adjacent to the redwoods is the so-called central bed, which each year presents a large collection of annuals complemented by biennials, perennials, and ornamental grasses. The bed blooms gradually from spring to autumn and thus forms the dominant feature of the Ornamental Garden.

Adjacent to the entrance to the Japanese Garden, behind the central perennial and annuals bed, is a collection of temperate useful plants. The largest area is occupied by a collection of medicinal plants, you will also find root species, a collection of poisonous plants, and dye plants. In total, more than 350 taxa of useful plants are concentrated here.

The rock plant greenhouse, which hosts many species of rock plants, was completely renovated and replanted in 2012. It was reopened in the spring of 2013. Adjacent to it is an exposition of sand-loving species - so-called psammophytes - which hosts even a Czech endemic – the Czech sand honeysuckle (Dianthus arenarius subsp. bohemicus).

Also worth mentioning is the collection of lilies and daylilies, pinetum or bamboo meadow representing a large collection of winter-hardy bamboo types.

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