Outdoor Expositions

The outdoor exhibitions of the Botanical Gardens of Prague in Troja were officially opened to the public in 1992. Since then, they have been continuously modified and developed.

In 1997 the Japanese Garden was opened. It consists of both a traditional meditation section and a section with plants from collections from the area of Japan and China.  A popular bonsai exhibition is held here every year.
Since April 2004, the listed St. Clare's Vineyard has also been associated with the site.
In 2011, the previously separate parts of the garden were connected into one single unit. This created a single exhibition on an area of almost 25 hectares, which is open to visitors all year round. 
At present, work continues on the creation of new exhibitions and the development of existing ones.

During the walk through the exhibitions, there are drinking fountains and several benches where visitors can rest. Various decorative and informative elements are also being added to the garden to make the visit more pleasant and accessible to visitors with special needs.

The concept of the garden is aimed to bring not only knowledge but also relaxation, aesthetic satisfaction, and a space where it is possible to retreat to peace in today's hectic times.

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