The Slope

The Slope exposition, connecting the originally divided area, was opened to the public in 2011.

Thanks to the care of our staff, fragments of the original steppe communities are still preserved there. These were characteristic of the Troja area until the 1920s when intensely grazed pastures, arable fields, and orchards were present. Nowadays, rare steppe flora and fauna are preserved here, and the exposition is very sensitively arranged. Gradually, drought-tolerant tree species with interesting flowers and fruits are planted.

At present, a completely new exposition of Melliferous Plants and Beekeeping is under construction.

The dominant feature of the Slope exposition is the large iron sculptures by artist Lukáš Rais: the grazing boilers, known as The Two. From the same artist also comes an ingeniously designed metal fountain placed at the edge of the forest.

Near the sculpture of grazing boilers, there is a seating area created by the sculptor Jiří Němec, offering a beautiful view of Prague.

While strolling along the hillside, visitors can relax on wooden benches crafted by the artist Lukáš Gavlovský, or stop at the huge panorama, where they can see all the way from the botanical garden to the Závist hillfort in Zbraslav.

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