Peony Meadow

The Peony Meadow was permanently opened to the public in 2011. This grassy area with marginal tree belts, occasionally filled with perennials, showcases an assortment of daffodils, autumn crocuses, and small bulbs. The perimeter is adorned with herbaceous and woody peonies.

The collection of woody and herbaceous peonies presented here is among Czechia's most extensive collections of these monumental perennials. It was created in cooperation with the Beijing Botanical Garden and companies such as Heze Peony Company (China), Cricket Hill Garden (USA), Wolfgang Linnemann (Germany), Pieter Zwijnenburg (Netherlands), the Botanical Garden of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Průhonice, Callie's Beaux Jardins (USA), Kelways (England) and Riviera (France).

While the Peony Meadow houses most of this expansive collection, these beautiful blooms are also integrated into other expositions to enhance the overall showcase.

Peony Meadow also hosts a collection of magnolias, which is particularly striking at the turn of March and April when dozens of these beautiful trees bloom.

The perimeter of Peony Meadow is defined by Linden Avenue. This avenue took shape somewhat serendipitously in the early 1970s when linden trees were planted there without a specific purpose. Through fate or chance, these trees have persisted to the present day. The avenue underwent clearing in 2012 and became accessible to visitors a year later. Along its border, a striking collection of perennials was subsequently planted.

Enhancing the grassy area of Peony Meadow are four wooden gates known as "The Four Seasons," crafted by Adriana Skálová. Other installations, including benches and a throne, also bear the artistic touch of this creator.

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