Wine Shop

St. Claire's Wine Shop can be found in a historical vineyard house in the heart of the St. Claire's Vineyard.

The Wine Shop is open all year round. In summer, we recommend sitting on the picturesque terrace with a beautiful view of the vineyard, Troja Chateau, and the Prague Castle panorama. In winter, you can hide yourself from the cold in a stylish room with a fireplace.

Wines from St. Claire's Vineyard can be bought exclusively in our Wine Shop.

The most important local varieties are Riesling and Pinot noir. We also offer straw and sparkling wines.
Due to limited production, the offer of wines changes throughout the year. You can see the current wine list here.

The Wine Shop does not offer hot meals, only simple snacks that go well with wine. You can always order the whole bottle or 1 dcl glass.

Wine Shop opening hours.

Renting a Grill in St. Claire's Vineyard

How do you imagine the perfect summer evening? With friends, barbecue and great wine? Now you can enjoy barbecue with us! We will lend you a grill, the necessary accessories, and we will also sell you charcoal. The unique view of Prague is free of charge and everything else is up to you.
You can book both locations and the grill at The price of grill rent is 200 CZK incl. VAT.

Special Events

We love to enjoy special wine-related events.

We celebrate the name day of St. Claire, the patron saint of our vineyard, with a relaxed summer picnic.
For the International Pinot Noir Day, which is our most important variety, we prepare vertical tastings.
And in winter, during the Open That Bottle Night, we extend our opening hours and taste the treasures from our archive.
Current event calendar can be found here.

Follow the events in the Wine Shop at its FACEBOOK PAGE.
The rules and regulations of our Wine Shop can be found here.

Book the Wine Shop at: 234 148 153

Renting the Wine Shop

The Prague Botanical Garden is a breathtakingly beautiful place. It rises high above Prague and offers peace, tranquillity, unique natural scenery, and some of the most beautiful views of the capital. You can find here a vineyard classified as a national heritage, St. Claire's Chapel, and a vineyard house from the 17th century. We offer you the opportunity to use these unique spaces in many different ways. From partner and sponsorship projects, through private celebrations, corporate events, receptions and, last but not least, wedding ceremonies. You can also use our garden for filming and photography, or you can rent advertising spaces here.
We would like to invite you for a personal visit, so you can explore the options we offer.


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